Bone broth has been a hot wellness topic this past year. Bone broth cafes and take out windows are popping up in cities such as Brodo in NYC. What is bone broth, you ask? Well, it is exactly what you might think. Bone broth is made by cooking and breaking down animal bones until they release nutrients and minerals. Many people, including former NBA star, Kobe Bryant, are seeking bone broth’s benefits. But why? See for yourself! Below are 5 benefits of adding bone broth to your diet. #WellnessWednesday

  1. Gut health. Gelatin in bone broth seals holes in the intestines, preventing and helping cure leaky gut syndrome.
  2. Collagen benefits. Collagen found in bone broth supports nail, hair, and skin health.
  3. Joint health. Bone broth contains glucosamine. Glucosamine is known to protect your joints and ease joint pain by reducing inflammation.
  4. Source of magnesium. Bone broth contains magnesium which regulates biochemical reactions in the body and regulates blood pressure.
  5. Immune support. Broth inhibits neutrophil migration which eases the side effects of colds, flus, and upper respiratory infections.