promoting health& wellness

The Importance of Health and Wellness in the Workplace

About 30% of our lives are spent in the workplace and a majority of this time we spend sitting at a desk. A lot of us have trouble finding the time to work out during the work week. Health and Wellness in the office is more important than ever. Promoting health and wellness in the office is essential for workers to live a healthy life and be more productive. These are a few reasons why we should do our best to educate employees and encourage health and wellness in the office.

Increase productivity. Healthier employees are less likely to take sick days and more likely to be more productive during the workdays. Healthier employees are more active and energized giving them the capability to get more work done during the day.

Healthier employees are happier employees. Working out releases endorphins that give your body a positive feeling. Promoting health and wellness and encouraging employees to work out or go on walks during lunch breaks will boost their endorphins and help keep them in positive moods throughout the day.

Boost morale. The more employees that have positive attitudes throughout the day can be infectious on all their coworkers which can boost the overall morale of the office.

Connect employees with the community. Promoting health and wellness and encouraging employees to run 5ks together as an office can help them connect with the community while still engaging in physical activity.

Lower healthcare costs. Because people spend so much of their time in the office it is important to start encouraging a healthy lifestyle. Healthier employees will have less frequent doctor visits and be less likely to sustain work related injuries.

Less stress. Working out and eating healthy relieves stress. Having time to relieve stress during the work day can boost morale and increase productivity as well.

Improved company image. A healthier company is a happier company all around and will create a positive image on your company and show potential employees that it is a great place to work.