The Staffing Industry has been connecting skilled employees with professional roles across a wide variety of industries for years. As a result, recruiting experts have the skills to locate and evaluate potential employees with a level of detail far greater than typical in-house hiring efforts. Combined with newer technologies and evolving recruitment strategies, Staffing Firms are able to connect with talented individuals with very specific skills and experience more than ever. Going into 2015, the combination of staffing knowledge and up-to-date technological methods will become even more necessary to assist job seekers and employers alike.

With the advance of industry and technology, job markets will continue to segment into more specialized professions, creating new niche job roles with unique requirements. Filling these newer roles will be a challenge to many employers, as those qualified for newly emerging roles will be rare, and sought after by other industry competitors. Staffing Firms will be on the forefront of these niche positions, poised to source and provide the best existing candidates as soon as new employee requirements become apparent.

As employers become more tech savvy and accustomed to the business choices available through technology and the internet, they are also expecting a greater range of choices when selecting their own employees. Staffing Firms are equipped to provide the necessary service for their modern expectations, no matter how unique a job requirement an employer may have.  Current staffing capabilities already offer a substantial advantage over traditional hiring methods, and that advantage will increase with the continued use of modern employment resources such as LinkedIn and Mobile Applications.

With more people utilizing technology while seeking employment, Staffing Firms have the double benefit of reachable candidates and collectable data. Recruiters are able to quickly find candidates through Social and Career websites, and data can be gathered on hiring trends for use by individual or national organizations, such as the American Staffing Association. Data gathered from these sources refines The Staffing Industry’s ability to provide employment solutions to existing needs, and to be ahead of the game when new employment trends emerge.

Whether hiring for a niche role at a local business, an emerging industry like 3D printing, or looking for an expert on a technology that has yet to be invented, The Staffing Industry is uniquely qualified to provide the best talent no matter what the need. Adjusting with the needs of the job market, Staffing Firms like Townsend & Associates stay ahead of the curve, consistently delivering top-quality results. With the job market always changing, The Staffing Industry remains as the reliable choice for the best employment solutions.


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