connectingStaffing and social media are two words that were never used in the same sentence. Now, the two terms can go hand in hand when your job seeking or candidate searching. Recruiting has become a whole other ball game when finding candidates through online channels, it’s just finding the right method through the madness that makes all the difference in an effective search. With that being said, there are three social media channels that jump out as being great resources for both staffing firms and candidates.


LinkedIn has grown to be one of the largest professional networking sites out there on the World Wide Web. Locating candidates or companies to connect with can be easy or hard depending on how often you learn to engage or interact with individuals. What both sides need to keep in mind is that LinkedIn is an important tool when discovering your next career move and then making it happen.

Your profile is meant not only to build your online resume in a public space, but it’s building your name as a brand. Sharing stories, posting updates and linking with individuals (personally and professionally), might lead you to your next job opportunity, it’s all about how you socialize. There are hundreds of networking capabilities just waiting to be discovered by professionals like you, so start exploring!


The hashtag has grown to be huge on several social media platforms, Twitter just started the trend. It’s capabilities for a company can push their jobs out with just a simple tweet. A business can then track engagement and monitor all of their jobs in Twitter’s social sphere. Being a candidate allows you to perform the same functions as a company, you’re just more likely than not finding all the jobs that apply directly to you.

This platform has several aspects that make it worthwhile for both a candidate and a staffing firm. As a business, you can appeal to more applicants in a larger pool (as long as you are using the correct hashtag), and as a candidate you can search multiple hashtags in a matter of minutes to find and apply for positions that fit your skill set. It’s a win win for both sides when increasing your network, you just have to keep pursuing opportunities until you find the right fit.

Job Boards

Searching for a job is hard enough. Job boards like CareerBuilder, Monster and Indeed are where several individuals turn to first, but they can be considered a social platform for recruiting firms and candidates too. Jobs are constantly being updated, pulled and applied to on a daily basis, just like any other social platform that’s out there.

Not everyone is as socially savvy on these online platforms, but that’s alright. With practice and perseverance, finding your next job can be just a click away. Good luck and keep socializing!

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This post was written by Rachael Wolensky, Townsend & Associates Marketing Coordinator.