Trying to see around the curve of where a business is headed can be difficult, but there are ways to predict, or at least prepare for what the future holds. In a world that changes as often as ours, innovation is the rule, rather than the exception. Even the greatest of innovations have to start somewhere. Keeping an open mind to the possibility of change is always the first step.

President of “The Innovation Resource” consulting group, and author of multiple books including his latest “Driving Growth Through Innovation,” Robert Tucker is an expert on the subject of innovation in the business world. Recently a key note speaker at the ASA Staffing World conference, his knowledge has helped businesses in a broad range of industries achieve growth with his proven techniques for advancement. To view his writings and other works you can visit his website at

Tracking trends may be the most basic way to prepare for innovation. Keeping up with the current products, services, topics, and how they are presented and shared is not just a matter of study, but an ongoing habit of maintenance. The greater breadth and depth of knowledge we have on any given subject, the better prepared we are to make decisions and give dependable advice.

The way to maintain an expansive knowledge base would be reading multiple newspapers a day, keeping up with a variety of news sources, and keeping an eye out for any new topics to emerge that may relate to your field of interest. Cultivating a depth of knowledge would be picking a narrow subject and really delving into the topic. Not only understanding the facts, but the contributing factors behind them, can lead to greater insights on your interests of choice.

Companies like Blackberry, Kodak, and Nokia had not managed to stay with the shifting market trends of technology and culture. Newer technologies had begun emerging and in many ways they stubbornly stayed with the products and strategies that were familiar to them. Although well established in their own fields, and responsible in many ways for creating their product categories from the ground up, as the market moves even giants have to go with the flow. A modern example of moving with the market can be found in northern ski lodges. As Baby Boomers age and are less likely to participate in extreme sports, skiing lodges have to make changes or go under. One such ski resort, Whistler Blackcomb, has began hosting off season events to bolster their revenue. They have actually become very successful in this regard as the worlds leading mountain bike park while there is no snow on the slopes.

Innovation is different for every company, and for every time period. No one knows what the next best moves will be, but those looking for the hints at where the market will turn next will have the greatest chance of success.


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