We all know the struggle of searching for that perfect job, and the grind of building and maintaining a network to maximize our opportunities throughout the field. Unfortunately, both of these necessary parts of a career path are constantly evolving with technology and the fluctuations of the job market. With all the difficulties in securing that dream job, we sometimes forget that the impossible may happen… that job may be the one to find us.

Staffing agencies, Recruiters, and “Head Hunters” are adept at scouring the online landscape for qualified professionals to fill the needs of their clients. This can even mean a foot in the door with an industry giant, but proper preparations must be made to not let any opportunity pass you by. The key is to have your online image prepared, polished, and up to date at all times. Sounds simple right?

Put yourself in the shoes of a Recruiter looking to fill a role in a major company. A resume and an online profile are usually going to be your only impression of a potential candidate. The quality of that profile will directly affect your opinion of that candidate, this includes the relevancy, frequency, and accuracy of any information included. Keeping your online persona up to date and positioning yourself as a content creating expert within your field can net you any number of valuable offers. This is not to say that having an impressive Linked in profile is ample replacement for any pro-active networking or in person meet-and-greets, but it is certainly a valuable part of the larger picture.

Getting your profile in order is one part of the battle, the next is getting yourself in front of the right people. Working with a great staffing firm can bridge the gap between your online resume and employers that actually need someone with your credentials. With constantly updated job listings and direct lines of communication with employers, a great staffing firm could certainly be your secret to success. While moving forward with a new job hunt, or even planning for possible opportunities in the future, a well manicured profile and some professional exposure is your best modern bet for landing that dream job.

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