office wellness

11 Ways to Implement Wellness in Your Office

Implementing wellness in your office can be challenging and it can be especially difficult to get your employees engaged. These 11 tips are fun ways to promote health and wellness in your office that your staff will want to participate in!

1. Company field day. Spend a day outside with your co-workers doing fun activities such as relay races, tug-o-war, and more.

2. Team sports. Create teams and participate in different sports to play during lunch, on a break, or after work. Have the winning team receive a prize. You can also compete in a league through your community with your office mates.

3. Physical activity competitions. Host push-up or sit-up competitions in the office to get energized midday!

4. Gym membership reimbursement. If your office doesn’t have an onsite facility, consider reimbursing employees for some of the cost of a local gym membership.

5. Fitbit challenge. Supplying employees with Fitbits, having them compete in monthly or weekly challenges, and giving the winner a prize is a good way to get everyone in your office involved.

6. Host walk and talk meetings. Instead of holding your meetings in a conference room, consider having small intimate meetings while walking through town on a nice day.

7. Create a space in the office for stretching/light workout. Find a space in your office where light weights, yoga mats, and foam rollers can be stored and employees can take a break and do a light workout, yoga, or stretch.

8. Create teams to run 5ks/ marathons that support local charities. Create teams of two or three throughout your office and have them sign up for local 5ks for charity events or half marathons. Have a competition to see which team can raise the most money. This is a great way to get your staff involved in the community while also promoting wellness.

9. Provide healthy snacking options in the office. If you have a vending machine in your office, stock it with healthy options. Employees can also take turns bringing in healthy snacks they love and the company could provide healthy snacking options as well.

10. Health trivia games. Employees can split into teams and you can host health trivia games. To make it more fun, a prize can be rewarded to the winning team.

11. Healthy luncheons. Once a month host a healthy lunch provided by your company. This will give employees an opportunity to spend time together during their lunch hour and provide them with wellness benefits.