10 tips working out after work pic

Working out after a hectic 8-hour work day can be difficult and probably the last thing you feel like doing. Instead of heading straight home, snuggling into bed, and binge-watching Netflix; here are 10 helpful tips to help you stay motivated to hit the gym after work.

Bring your gym clothes to work. Pack a bag the night before with your workout essentials and bring the bag to the office. Going home after work can make you less motivated, so plan on going to the gym straight from work

Time your meals right. Make sure to eat a balanced breakfast to start your day. Remembering to eat a good breakfast gives you the energy you need to get you through the day. Eat a light lunch so you do not feel dragged down the rest of your day. Consider packing a healthy snack to eat about 45 minutes before hitting the gym to re-energize.

Use technology. Creating calendar reminders to hit the gym after work can help motivate you throughout the day. Wearing a Fitbit and other devices and using them to set daily goals are also simple reminders to get you to the gym after work.

Take a fitness class. Sometimes working out on your own can be difficult, especially when you have been at work all day and have not put much thought into your exercises. Fitness classes can be fun and are extremely rewarding. Check what classes they are offering the night before and try out something fun like Zumba or yoga.

Take a buddy. Having someone from your office hit the gym with you can help you motivate each other throughout the workday. You can also make plans with a friend to catch up after work at the gym instead of over drinks.

Keep your goals low. Telling yourself to go to the gym for at least 15 minutes is an easy way to get yourself to go. Once you’re there you will probably end up staying longer. However, it is very possible to get a great workout in 15 minutes.

A tired mind doesn’t mean a tired body. You may have had to deal with angry customers, your difficult boss, or clients all day and  now you feel exhausted. However, just because your mind is tired, doesn’t mean your muscles are. Sitting at a desk all day can feel exhausting mentally, but your body is most likely ready for a great workout.

Decorate your desk. A fun way to help you stay inspired throughout the day is by decorating your desk with inspirational fitness quotes and pictures.

Stay hydrated. Staying hydrated throughout the workday will help keep your muscles from cramping and keep your energy level up. Drink water throughout the workday, before, during, and after your workout to have the best workout possible.

Reward yourself. Create rewards for yourself before you hit the gym to help you stay inspired. Knowing a reward is waiting for you after your workout can be enough motivation. Whether it’s seeing a movie, hanging with friends, or going to bed early, a reward is a sure fire way to help you stay motivated.