10 Tips for Time Management

1. Create a plan the night before. Mapping out everything you need to get accomplished during the day before you begin working is an easy way to keep track of tasks that need to be completed.

2. Use a planner. Using a notebook planner, an app on your phone, or a calendar is a simple way to keep track of all your events for the day and you can include start and end times.

3. Make to do lists. Listing tasks that need to be done is a visual way to keep yourself on track.

4. Complete simple tasks first. Checking off tasks on your list gives you motivation to complete it. By doing simple tasks first, you’ll see that your list isn’t as long or as time consuming as you first thought.

5. Set realistic goals. Don’t overwork yourself. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Set realistic goals of things you know you can get done in a certain period of time. For harder tasks, give yourself longer periods to complete them.

6. Set deadlines. Setting deadlines for yourself will help keep you on track. Make sure your deadlines are ahead of schedule.

7. Organize. Organize everything. Keep your planner handy, have folders set up for different tasks, use different notebooks for different activities.

8. Take breaks. Schedule breaks into your day. You need time to recharge. Taking breaks will help you be more productive throughout the day.

9. Block out distractions. Stay away from social media, refrain from gossiping with co-workers, and finish the task you have at hand. Save everything else for when you take a break.

10. Prioritize and delegate. Remember to prioritize accordingly. Know what needs to be done first and when. Also when short on time, delegate tasks when appropriate. Things get done faster when you work as a team.